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Victim / Witness Program

Direct Services, specialty in: Crime Victims & Witnesses.

Kayla is a direct services Victim Advocate with a special focus on Crime Victims & Witnesses. She can help you determine if you might be eligible for Victim Compensation or Court ordered Restitution from the suspect in a criminal case. 

Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Program

Direct Services, specialty in: Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault , Stalking, Dating Violence Victims.

Kayla is a direct services advocate with special focus on domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or dating violence situations. She can also assist with information regarding the Protection Order process. 


Executive Directors

Direct Services and Program Management

Kayla K. and Kayla W.  split the responsibilities for programmatic and financial management, fundraising and reporting to the Board of Directors regarding the program.

They are also available for direct client services.

24/7 On Call Service


Just call our normal office number 307-322-4794, and if it's after office hours, the call will be answered by our call center. If you can wait until office hours for your call to be returned, they will leave us a message.

If you need immediate service, they will call the On-Call Advocate immediately!

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of 4-9 people and meets once monthly. There are occasionally board positions available. Contact us for an application!


Direct Services

We love our volunteers! They help us with fundraisers, by taking the on-call phone once in a while, or just help in the shelter. It's all on their schedule, and they are happy to contribute to the community! If this sounds like something you might like, contact us for an application!

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